Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Bunny Day!

According to the all-knowing Internet, today is World Bunny Day  (not to be confused with International Rabbit Day on September 25).  This is the day that bunny lovers around the world post pictures of their pets on Facebook and gush about how wonderful they are.

At the risk of having my man card revoked, I have to admit that I really like bunnies.  I like them a lot better than our stupid cat, that's for sure (but not as much as I like basset hounds).

There's something very calming about rabbits.  They're soft, sometimes cuddly (we've had a few that would scratch you to pieces if you got too friendly), quiet, and relatively clean (meaning if you don't keep them in the house, you don't have to clean up bunny beans).  We've had a few that were even affectionate and somewhat playful.

A few years ago I published a column in Byline Magazine about the perils of living with a stubborn rabbit who reminded me of my dad.  Click here to read it.

And in honor of World Bunny Day, here are some of the furry friends that have graced our home over the years:
 This is my nemesis (see above linked article) Thumper, feeling very grumpy with his new bunny leash/harness.  He seems to be saying "I feel so stupid."

 Dusty was more like a puppy than a bunny.  He loved being cuddled, would follow us around the house, and was absolutely crazy about my wife; he once leaped from my arms into hers as she passed by.
 We all loved Dusty.  As you can see, he was patient...
 and curious.
Dusty's sisters, Flopsy and Kiara.  Though our other bunnies have all gone to that great carrot patch in the sky, Flopsy (on the left) is still with us after ten years.  Considering that the average lifespan of a Mini-Rex rabbit is six or seven years, Flopsy is a bunny Methuselah.
Thumper took it upon himself to guard our Christmas tree...
...while Dusty really got into the spirit of the holiday.
This French Lop was found running loose in the park by some friends who gave her to us because they knew we were "rabbit people."  They said she was sweet and house-trained.  She was neither.  The kids named her Sweetie Pie, but we soon changed it to "Stinky Bunny."  Not only was she not litter-trained, when we put kitty litter in a box for her to use, she ate the box and left her doots wherever she pleased.  Though she was a beautiful bunny, she spent most of her life outside in the hutch.

Have a happy Bunny Day!


  1. Oooh- cuddly. I like you for liking them.

  2. Bryan, they are adorable! We had two bunnies for awhile years ago. Like most of our pets, we inherited them from someone who didn't want them anymore. They were sweet and cuddly, but unfortunately, we had a two year old then who was a bit of a stinker and would try to let them out whenever possible. We spent many an hour chasing bunnies around the house and yard.

    I tagged you for the Lucky Seven challenge on my blog today. If you are up for it, great, if not, that's fine, too. Either way, it's nice to get to know another writer.


  3. I love bunnies. :) HOORAY FOR BUNNY DAY!