Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Silliness: Why we don't have symmetrical faces

Here's my irresistibly handsome mug, my standard publicity photo.  

One of the things that makes us beautiful and unique is the asymmetry of our faces.  Don't believe it?  Go to and upload a headshot of yourself.  This is the only decent headshot I have, and because I'm not directly facing the camera, the program had a little trouble.  I recommend you use a straight-up headshot if possible, or it might look like this:
From the looks of the above picture, Mrs. Fields has not been feeding me enough.  Eww!
Then again, I kind of like this one:

Kinda makes me want to go to the beach and kick sand in Schwarzenegger's face.  Ahhnuld, you  vimpy little girly-man!

Go to and have some fun with it!  There's a link to donate to the Red Cross on there, also--but verify before you click!


  1. So this is how you spend your leisure time!

  2. Hulk smash! Grrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaahh!

  3. Hi, Bryan. I found you through the blue boards. Nice to meet you. Looks like you had some fun with this program. LOL. I'm a new follower. Feel free to check out my blog and consider following.

  4. Another blue boarder here. Liked your pics, but unfortunately I already look like the third picture without any enhancement. Is that bad, considering I'm a woman and not a competitive weightlifter? Stop by my blog sometime, if you get a chance. You and I have silliness in common, not to mention I have FOUR mentally challenged cats.


  5. He needs some serious work on that. Funny though.
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